Opadeyi bids adieu to three “very successful” years at UG

Last Updated on Thursday, 11 February 2016, 13:17 by Denis Chabrol

Regaled as one of the most controversial Vice Chancellors that the University of Guyana has ever seen, Professor Jacob Opadey’s contract with the Guyana Government has expired and is bidding farewell to the publicly funded institution.

Opadeyi, already replaced by Acting Vice Chancellor Barbara Reynolds, is currently in his last week at the University and says that he is looking forward to moving on.

The Professor when questioned by Demerara Waves on Thursday declared that his tenure at the University has been successful as much has been achieved.

It has been “very successful. I will soon publish the list of 33 things that I have been able to achieve. Several of them for the first time, the University has not even think [thought]of doing that,” Opadeyi stated.

The Vice Chancellor when further quizzed pointed to a “pastry program” at UG as one of his 33 achievements.

“I have served my three years with excellence and it’s time to move on,” said Opadeyi adding that he feels great that the APNU+AFC administration did not renew his contract.

During 2015 just prior to the elections the University of Guyana experienced several bouts of protests from students, lecturers and faculty workers who demanded that the administration do better.

The Vice Chancellor himself had taken to the streets in protest at one point as he declared that the protesting lecturers should return to the classrooms.

Opadeyi stated that protests and the shutting down of the University for several weeks was a “good experience” for him.

“The politics transferred to the University…the protest to improve the university is long overdue. The facilities need to be improved but closing down the University is uncalled for…and we got nothing out of it,” he emphasized.