Guyana says Venezuela attempting to derail UN resolution process

Last Updated on Thursday, 11 February 2016, 14:09 by Denis Chabrol

Foreign Affairs Minister, Carl Greenidge.

Guyana’s Foreign Affairs Minister and Vice President Carl Greenidge Thursday accused the Nicolas Maduro led government of Venezuela of attempting to derail a process that would lead to the resolution of a current border controversy.

Greenidge announced plans to lodge complaints with United Nations Secretary General, Ban Ki Moon and the Security Council  about a speech by Venezuela’s Foreign Affairs Minister, Delcy Rodriguez on February 4, 2016 titled “”Guyana ratifies its rights over the Essequibo.”  “This statement will be brought to the attention of the Secretary General of the United Nations, the members of the Security Council and the wider membership of the United Nations,” Greenidge said.

Venezuela in May of last year renewed claims to more than 2/3 of Guyana’s territory following the discovery of oil in the Stabroek block offshore Guyana.

Following the claims there have been several spats and tempers flared between the two Governments with Venezuela going as far as ceasing all trade with Guyana.

Greenidge told Guyana’s National Assembly on Thursday that Rodriguez at the United Nations headquarters that was riddled with “innuendos.”

“We affirm the legitimate rights of Venezuela on the Essequibo, is a historic place and we are ready under the Geneva Agreement to prosecute this territorial dispute through diplomacy, international law,” Rodriguez reportedly stated at the UN meeting.

According to Greenidge, the statement is wholly misrepresenting, and Guyana repudiates it in its entirety. “Guyana repudiates in its entirety the statement issued by the Venezuelan Foreign Minister,” said Greendige adding “Guyana rejects the backhanded attempts to despoil her rights.”

“Venezuela’s behavior towards Guyana is a festering wound to peace and to the stability of the region – it is an affront to the rule of law

“Venezuela seems prepared to derail the process,” he said adding  “Guyana will not allow the deceptions being peddled by Venezuela to persist.”

Greenidge stated too that there are forces in Venezuela who made it their life’s mission to “hold Guyana hostage” and the international community should not stand idly by in this instance.

“We look to the international community to stand with us in Venezuela’s assaults,” said the Vice President.

He said Guyana was committed to initiatives being explored with the UN Chief to resolve the controversy over the 1899 Arbitral Tribunal Award. He said Ban has already made a number of proposals. “Guyana has been coopperating with  him and will continue to do so. Venezuela, however, seems prepared to derail the process,” he told the parliamentarians from the governing APNU+AFC and the opposition People’s Progressive Party Civic.