BREAKING NEWS: Woman removed from inhumane conditions at mother’s home

Last Updated on Thursday, 4 February 2016, 12:32 by Denis Chabrol

A 31 year old woman,  believed to be mentally ill, was Thursday removed from a muck-laden room where she was locked away and made to eat and sleep among her waste.

Her removal stemmed from Monica Edwards raising concerns about the woman's welfare directly with Prime Minister Moses Nagamootoo during a public day with residents ar Perth Park, Essequibo Coast.

Soon after, police and nurses arrived at Middle Street, Richmond, Essequibo Coast where they removed the emotionless woman on a stretcher and shuttled her by ambulance to a nearby hospital.

On arrival,  the semi-nude woman was seen through a hole of a padlocked door lying on rough wooden bed frame.

Inside the room, which was not cleaned for months, were pieces of litter and dried faeces.

Her mother and brother claimed that she was locked away because she (the daughter) would usually beat her.

There are claims that the mixed race woman, said to be brilliant, became mentally unstable after her mother objected to her having a relationship with an Afro-Guyanese man. At that time, she had been pursuing nursing studies in Georgetown.

Her mother and brother claimed that intruders had raped her more than once. The mother even showed a torch and knife that she claimed was recently left behind by an intruder.

The mother and neighbours said previous efforts to seel the intervention from welfare authorities in Region Two were futile.

She and residents expressed satisfaction that after being locked away for more than one year in unhygienic conditions, she was  removed for treatment and care.