Scott to work “quietly” but workers’ rights will be respected

Last Updated on Monday, 18 January 2016, 8:43 by Writer

Fresh off his transfer from the Ministry of Communities, now Junior Social Protection Minister Keith Scott has said that he will be conducting his work at the Ministry in a quiet manner.

This is after concerns about whether Scott would be able to maintain the momentum started by his predecessor Simona Broomes while she served as Junior Social Protection Minister.

Broomes was known for unsuspecting inspections at mining camps, international companies and local businesses on Regent Street.

During each of her visits some startling discoveries were made and recommendations were given to Management to have issues rectified.

Asked whether he would continue along this line, Scott responded in the negative during a recent interview.

“Everybody casts their own shadow so whatever pace Mrs Broomes went at is none of my concern. My concern is pursuing a policy that is business friendly and worker protective… as long as that is done efficiently and quietly that is my style,” said the Junior Social Protection Minister.

“I cannot work in somebody else’s shadow,” added Scott.

Scott maintained that is Broomes’ style worked for her, and his works for him, then all is well since they are in pursuit of the same goal.

“You have have got to have great respect for workers and once we have respect for workers right, we ought to have a very stable industrial climate that ought to make investors want to come into this country,” he stated.

Meanwhile , Senior Social Protection Minister Volda Lawrence speaking on the transfer of Broomes stated everyone has their strengths and weaknesses.

“Minister Broomes for the time she has been in our Ministry has provided the Ministry with her leadership and her strengths and we are grateful for that,” said Lawrence.

Lawrence refused to say whether she was "satisfied" with the work done by Broomes despite being asked the question twice.

Her only sentiments were “we are grateful.”