Thousands benefitted from solar power under Hinterland Electrification Programme in 2015, several projects on card for 2016

Last Updated on Saturday, 2 January 2016, 22:27 by Denis Chabrol

The Hinterland Electrification Programme that is under the purview of the Ministry of Public Infrastructure has achieved much success in supplying electricity across the hinterland, the Government Information Agency (GINA) reported.

The company’s Chief Executive Officer, Horace Williams during his presentation at the Ministry’s year-end press conference,  at the Guyana Civil Aviation Authority on Thursday, said that over 6000 households benefitted from solar power in the hinterland.

The provision of the solar panels was just one of a number of projects that was set out by the Hinterland Electrification Co. Inc. and accomplished.

Another project that was successful was the provision of two MVA power transformers benefitting the Mahdia Power and Light Inc. and Port Kaituma Power and Light Inc.

In addition, the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) funded a grant of US$5M for the Sustainable Energy Programme. The programme is aimed at promoting awareness of the importance of renewable energy, hiring of consultants to provide advice, installation of wind data collection equipment, installation of community based, isolated solar PV systems and installation of grid-tie solar PV systems on seven public buildings in Georgetown.

Unfortunately, Williams reported that a number of the projects  listed above were not able to be completed due to delays on the part of the consultants hired. As a result, only $6.M was utilised out of the $40M that was in the 2015 Budget.

Williams further noted that electricity companies in the hinterland areas received subsidy from government for the period September to December 2015. The companies are as followed:


Budget (GYD$)

Amount Received (GYD$)

Linden Electricity Company Inc.



Lethem Power Company Inc.



Mahdia Power & Light Inc.



Port Kaituma Power & Light Inc.



Matthews Ridge Power & Light Inc.



Kwakwani Utilities Inc.







The Lethem Power Company Inc. also received monies to carry out capital works. These works included the construction of the new power station, the extension of electricity to Culvert City and for the purchase of a vehicle and two motor cycles.

A total of $35,500,000 was budgeted for the works but only $14,408,060 was utilised; $7,850,000 was used for the purchase of a minibus and two motor cycles while $6,558,060 was advance payment on a $32M contract for the supply of line hardware.


The CEO noted that for the year 2016, the company hopes to accomplish those projects that faltered during 2015 along with the aim of intensifying the performance of the programme.

The 2016 vision includes;

– completion of the public awareness campaign strategy and implementation of a public awareness campaign to inform the public of the benefits of using RETs;

– installation of four wind data collection equipment, and the commencement of wind data collection at four sites on the coast; procurement and installation of solar PV community systems in at least 20 hinterland communities to support livelihood activities and provide energy for the enhancement of social services

procurement and installation of the solar grid-tie systems on the seven public buildings to demonstrate the benefits of utilising such systems.

– upgrade of the generation systems at Port Kaituma and Mahdia to improve system reliability

– extension of the electricity systems at St. Cuthbert’s Mission, Siparuta, Orealla and Moraikobai to add more than a total of 100 households on the grids. -procurement of a generator and power transformer for Matthews Ridge to improve system reliability

-construction of office buildings for Port Kaituma & Mahdia power utilities.