BREAKING: Speedboat captains missing in boat collision; one person rescued

Last Updated on Sunday, 13 December 2015, 2:09 by GxMedia

Itaballi Landing (photo by Marco Farouk Basir)

Two boat captains were Saturday night reported missing following the collision of two speed boats on the Mazaruni River, according to usually reliable sources.

Those missing are Roy “Fatman” Roopnarine and Trevor“Rope” Persaud. They were travelling in one of the boats.

A senior administrative official and a resident confirmed that Thom Fortune, who is the captain and owner of the other boat, was found and rushed to the Bartica Hospital for treatment.

The sources said the accident occurred near the BK Quarry at about 9:30 PM. One of the boats was travelling to Itaballi from Bartica and the other was from Bartica to Itaballi.

Police and other boaters were up to late Saturday night searching for Roopnarine and Persaud.