UPDATE: Police shoot bandits shortly after robbery at UG official’s home

Last Updated on Wednesday, 9 December 2015, 13:03 by GxMedia

The bodies of the bandits being taken away.

Police have shot and killed two men shortly after they robbed the Assistant Registrar (Admissions) of the University of Guyana, Arlene Mc Lean and her sister at their South Ruimveldt home.

Reports indicate police responded to reports of a break and enter in progress and encountered four men, two of whom were armed.

The two bandits that were armed with handguns engaged the police in an exchange of gunfire, which lasted for close to fifteen minutes.

Persons at the scene explained that the entire ordeal started  shortly after 4:00AM.

Demerara Waves understands that the after the first episode of gunfire, the two gunmen hid themselves  behind a water tank. This was in the yard of a Government Technical Institute lecturer at Reliance Place.

Persons living in that home said that they heard persons running through the yard followed by the rapid exchange of gunfire.

One woman said that she had never heard so many bullets in her life before, while another described the scene as “horrific.”

A middle-aged woman stated that she was using her washroom when she first heard the footsteps trampling through the yard.

She stated that after she heard the gunshots she told her daughters to take cover on the floor.

As news of the shooting spread, a large crowd gathered at the scene ignoring police crime scene barriers in their attempt to catch a glimpse of the bodies of the slain bandits.

Evidence from the crime scene that had been marked were tampered with as persons made their way to the house yard that the men were shot in.

With more than fifteen police and crime scene officers on the scene, police managed to remove the bodies without a hassle and also took away the tank near which the men were shot.

Demerara Waves understands that one of the shot bandits resided at Tucville.