Wikileaks comment triggers Gajraj lawsuit against Teixeira

Last Updated on Wednesday, 18 November 2015, 19:32 by GxMedia

Former Home Affairs Minister, Ronald Gajraj.

 Guyana’s former High Commissioner to India, Ronald Gajraj has reportedly filed a lawsuit against  former Home Affairs Minister, Gail Teixeira following some startling revelations in a Wikileaks release.

A report in the Guyana Chronicle has cited Teixiera as implicating a named person in a passport and birth certificate racketeering at the General Registrar Office.

According to the report, Teixeira approached the US with information that the named person was allegedly corrupt.

The meeting with the US officials took place just months after Teixeira replaced Gajraj as Home Affairs Minister in 2005.

However, Teixeira at a press conference on Wednesday slammed the accuracy of the cable stating that she was not adequately represented.

“The American Embassy was asked by me to please provide evidence of these fake documents. Now the GRO ones were particularly disturbing because they were actually authentic birth certificates with the watermark of the GRO, with the signatures of people who worked at the GRO but the information on it was false. Those persons didn’t exist and from that false document, it then created another false document, fake passports.”

However she stated that in actuality, the passports were genuine but the persons on it were not real and it was that evidence she requested.

“Americans brought me also fictitious marriage certificates…as a result of this, action was taken to have investigations and there were several police investigations under Mr. Felix as Commissioner of Police,” she stated.

Felix presently serves as the Minister of Citizenship under the APNU+AFC administration where he now hold responsibility for the GRO.

With the unfolding of the events over the last two days, Gajraj through his lawyers filed the lawsuit in Guyana’s High Court.

The former Minister is seeking a total of $40M in damages from Teixeira and the Guyana Chronicle.

Gajraj had been posted to India after a Commisison of Inquiry had cleared him of accusations that he had had links to an alleged state-sponsored death squad.

He says that his character was damaged as a result of “callous slanders.”