Ladies, check your breasts for cancer.. Raynauth Jeffrey wins Digicel’s Cancer Awareness Cycle Race

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Winner of the open category: Raynauth Jeffrey (centre) with trophy flanked by recipients of other prizes in several categories. Also in picture are extreme left (front) Digicel’s Marketing Manager, Jacqueline James; General Manager of the Cancer Institute of Guyana, Fiona Legall (fourth from left in white cap) and at right Digicel (Guyana) CEO, Kevin Kelly and next to him is a cancer survivor.

Check your breasts! That was the message Sunday from the Cancer Institute of Guyana moments before receiving a GUY$500,000 donation from Digicel (Guyana) at the conclusion of the annual Cancer Awareness Road Race.

“As you know breast cancer is on the increase. So many of our women are dying today of breast cancer so I urge you today to encourage your wives, your girlfriends, your mothers, your sisters that you can ask them to come down to the Cancer Institute and get screened for breast cancer,” said General Manager of the Institute, Fiona Legall.

The Cancer Institute offers free breast mammogram and breast ultra-sound, partly due to the cycling racers contribution. “You are riding for a cause. You are raising awareness so I want to applaud you today for what you have done,” she said.

Legall also thanked Digicel (Guyana) for the donation.

Chief Executive Officer of Digicel (Guyana), Kevin Kelly promised that the cancer awareness cycling race would continue. “Digicel is committed to continuing doing this cycling event. We’ll continue with it in future years,” he said.

The mobile phone provider’s boss thanked Gillette Evolution and the Cycling Federation for organising the cycle race as well as the cyclists including a team from Barbados’ Team Coco.

The prizes were:

A.       The oldest cyclist- Montgomery Parris

B.       The youngest rider- Whitney Boyer

C.       The veterans:
2nd place – Ralph Williams
1st  place – Junior Niles

D.       Ladies:
2nd place- Marcia Dick
1st place- Azeema Nelson

E.       Juniors:
3rd place- Christopher Griffith
2nd place- Raphael Young
1st place- Jamal John

F.     Sprint Riders:
1st  Jaime Romeirs
2nd Geron Williams

1st Jamal John

G.      Open Category:
6th place- Andrew Simon (3:16:49 )
5th place- Marlo Rodman (3:16:48)
4th place- Orville Hinds (3:16:32)
3rd place- Marlon Williams (3:16:23)
2nd place- Jaime Romeirs (3:16:01)
1st place- Raynauth Jeffrey (3:15:32)