Police probing buggery of detainee at Timehri Police Station

Last Updated on Thursday, 22 October 2015, 16:48 by GxMedia

Police Commissioner Seelall Persaud.

Police Commissioner Seelall Persaud on Thursday announced that a full-scale probe has been launched into an allegation that a detective forced a detainee to have unprotected sex in exchange for a case against him to be dropped.

“The Commissioner of Police Mr. Seelall Persaud, DSM, has instructed that an investigation be conducted into the allegations stated by the Police Office of Professional Responsibility (OPR) and the Criminal Investigation Department (CID),” police said in a brief statement.

The Kaieteur News reported that the 36-year old man claimed that the incident was committed at the Timehri Police Station where Colwyn Harding claimed he was baton-raped in November 2014.

This latest incident allegedly occurred on Tuesday, October 20, 2015 at about 7:30 PM in the ablution area of the Timehri Police Station.

The victim said he was going home from a barbecue Saturday evening when he was accosted by a neighbour who accused him of breaking into his house.

The man said before he could have arrived at the Police Station to make a report, he was arrested at Kuru Kuru, Soesdyke-Linden Highway and taken to the Timehri Police Station. There, he said the detective told them he was suspected to have committed a break-and-enter and larceny of a television.

After spending three days in the lock-up, he said Tuesday at about 7PM, the detective overseeing his case went to him and eventually requested oral and anal sex with him in exchange for dropping the case.

Instead, the man said he was charged and  appeared before the Providence Magistrates Court. He was granted GUY$75,000 bail.

 “He took me out of the lock up and tell me to give him a deep throat, let me (perform fellatio).

I did that and he told me that he wouldn’t carry the matter to court; (that) he will arrest the man that did the crime,” He said that the detective also sodomized him in the ablution area of the station. He alleged that the detective, when he had finished with the act, told him he had not ejaculated in him.

After listening to his allegation against the police, he said the Magistrate ordered that he be escorted to Brickdam Police Station and then taken to the Georgetown Public Hospital at about 4PM.

The man claimed he was a witness to the baton-raping of Colwyn Harding incident but never came forward because he was afraid.