Electrical inspectors begin checking all commercial buildings

Last Updated on Monday, 5 October 2015, 11:11 by GxMedia

Government’s electrical inspectors will Monday begin inspecting commercial businesses to ensure that installations are in keeping with the required standards.

The Ministry of Public Infrastructure, which is responsible for the Government’s Electrical Inspectorate says the electricians will “begin visual inspections on commercial businesses to ensure electrical units are properly installed and insulated.”

“By law we are required to do so. We have to ensure that there are no electrical hazards,”  says  Joseph Peters, one of the ministry’s Electrical Engineers.

The exercise will commence in Regions 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 10.

 Government’s Electrical Inspectorate says the department’s role as the industry’s Electrical Safety Regulatory Body is to protect users of electricity against the hazard of unsafe and improper electrical installation.

Further, the department, through its maintenance division, is tasked with carrying out routine electrical maintenance, the preparation of electrical estimates and designs, supervision of contractual works and consultation for Government Buildings.