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Fate of Sanjay’s Jewellery owner nears in road death charge

Last Updated on Wednesday, 30 September 2015, 21:02 by GxMedia

Bishnarine ‘Sanjay’ Persaud

The owner of Sanjay Jewellery, who was charged with causing death by dangerous driving, will early next month know his fate after the defence and the prosecution make closing arguments in the now one-year old case.

Forty-nine year old Bishnarine ‘Sanjay’ Persaud of 26 Sheriff Street, Campbellville is charged with causing the death of Leon Hunte of 55 Stone Avenue, Blygezight, Georgetown..

The prosecution’s case is that  Persaud drive PKK 4501 in a manner that was dangerous to the public at about 112:15 PM on September 10, 2014 on Lamaha Street, Newtown-Kitty, Georgetown.

Persaud, who is on GUY$1.5 million bail, declined to remain silent and opted to give an unsworn statement about what transpired during the night of the accident.

He recalled driving in easterly direction in a poorly lit area of Lamaha Street when he swerved to avoid hitting a dark object that he spotted ahead of him and instead struck a utility pole.

On exiting his vehicle, he said persons were gathered at the scene and he saw a bicycle with no light or reflector and a person clad in dark clothing lying on the ground.

The businessman said he immediately summoned the police and informed them of what happened.  Recalling that his chest, hand and neck had been paining him at that time, he said he awoke in a city hospital the following day.

Persaud said he self-discharged himself from the health care institution and went to Kitty Police Station where a breathalyzer test proved negative.

Defence Lawyer, Glen Hanoman declined to call more witnesses to testify on his client’s behalf.

The case was last called in July 2015 after which Persaud’s lawyer had successfully moved to the High Court to request adequate time to prepare its case

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