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Drug lords linked to bribery of police for release of GUY$18 M worth of cocaine; cops to be charged

Last Updated on Thursday, 24 September 2015, 16:44 by GxMedia

Several Guyanese policemen have been arrested for allegedly receiving a bribe for the release of a large quantity of cocaine that was eventually transshipped to Suriname,  police said Thursday.

“An Assistant Superintendent of Police has been transferred from the Division to Police Headquarters, and a Subordinate Officer and three Constables are under close arrest as the investigations continue,” police said in a statement.

Divisional Police Commander, Senior Superintendent Errol Watts said the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) was later this week expected to advise about the charges the policemen would face.

He said a minibus was intercepted on September 10  at Whim Village, Corentyne in eastern Guyana with GUY$17 million (US$85,000) worth of cocaine by a patrol comprised of one corporal and three constables.

Watts said three persons were in the bus, two of whom are linked to a known drug lord in Berbice.

The Divisional Commander said the patrol guarded the bus outside the Whim Police Station from about 10 PM on  September 10 to about 2 AM the following day until the occupants travelled to Georgetown and collected GUY$6 million (US$3,000) from a known drug lord who resides at Republic Park, Georgetown.

Watts said the money was handed over and the bus with the cocaine and the occupants were released.  Investigators were told that the cocaine was handed over to a Dutch national at Springlands and it was taken to Suriname. The Divisional Commander said the occupants of the minibus would not face drug trafficking charges because none of the cocaine was found in their possession.

Two of the policemen admitted to intercepting the bus with the cocaine and receiving a portion of money. The driver and corporal denied the allegation, said Watts. One of the constables allegedly collected GUY$520,000 and another GUY$560,000.

An Assistant Superintendent, who was responsible for Whim to Springlands, was transferred to Police Headquarters because he allegedly had knowledge of the corrupt transaction and did nothing.