Protest erupts at Corentyne village where female farmer was shot dead

Last Updated on Saturday, 22 August 2015, 1:15 by GxMedia

Pamela Kendall

Less than one day after a Corentyne farmer was shot dead during an attempted robbery at her home, protest erupted at Number 45 Village, Corentyne and was later quelled by police.

Residents there blocked the road with wood and burnt tires, demanding improved security and the resignation of Public Security Minister Khemraj Ramjattan and the three-month old coalition-led government. Slogans included “Ramjattan must go,” and “we don’t need no police, leh we live in war”

A senior police officer in the Berbice Division confirmed the occurrence. He said the main road thoroughfare was eventually cleared of the debris and the crowd dispersed.

Police said they were investigating the circumstances surrounding the death of farmer Pamela Kendall, 57 years, of No. 45 Village, Corentyne, Berbice, who was shot to her head. The probe so far has found that Kendall was in the kitchen area of her house, with the door open, when the armed perpetrator entered and shot her during a suspected robbery attempt. She was taken to the Skeldon Hospital where she succumbed while receiving medical treatment.

Ramjattan rejected calls for his resignation, saying that they appeared to be politically instigated by the opposition People’s Progressive Party (PPP). “I think it’s all politically instigated as a result of the high crime rate and we can’t deny that; that is depressing indeed but it’s as a result of the allocations for the police not being there,” he said.

He begged the residents of Berbice to be patient as now that the budget is about to be approved by the National Assembly more police vehicles, armour and ammunition would be purchased to step up patrols in the crime weary communities on the East Berbice.

An estimated GUY$300 million have been allocated for the Guyana Police Force.