“Ramjattan must go,” has no idea what to do about crime – PPP’s Cornel Damon

Last Updated on Saturday, 26 December 2015, 21:32 by GxMedia

Cornel Damon

In a heated maiden presentation in the House of Assembly, opposition member Cornel Damon not only announced his vision for former President Bharrat Jagdeo to be returned to the Presidency, but he also called for Minister of Public Security Khemraj Ramjattan to go, claiming that the security head had no idea what to do with the surge in crime.

Damon claimed that, “in the 10th Parliament, crime was 40 percent less,” but has risen since the new government assumed office. He said that Ramjattan has “no idea” what to do in tackling the matter.

He referred to the 10th Parliament saying that during that time former Home Affairs Minister Clement Rohee was told to go by the then opposition after certain events had occured. He said given the performance of the new Security head, he should go, before claiming that he, in his legal field, “Represented some of the most dangerous criminals…”

He yelled that, “The Honourable Ramjattan must go before it is too late.”Since the commencement of the budget debate Monday August 17, the opposition side of the House have been taking snips at the government, particularly at the idea of using more “dogs and horses” in the battle against crime.

The opposition said that the current proposals offered by the government will not help.  

Damon told the House that the 2015 elections were rigged and saw the rise of the A Partnership for National Unity +Alliance for Change (APNU+AFC) government. He said that the opposition will be returned to their rightful office and Bharrat Jagdeo , “the next President,” of Guyana.