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GT&T completes first phase of Enhanced BroadbandProject ahead of schedule – new Internet speeds of up to 5x for the same price

Last Updated on Tuesday, 4 August 2015, 18:54 by GxMedia

GT&T has completed the rollout of its Enhanced Broadband project at least five months ahead of the original schedule,with the delivery of the fastest and most affordable broadband Internetservices to all customers who qualified to receive the service. 

This upgrade now gives Guyana one of the most affordable internet services in the region for the new speeds being delivered.

The project was announced in March, 2015 and was originally thought to take the entire year to complete, but as of July 31st, 2015 all eligible customers have been upgraded.  

Interim CEO Justin Nedd expressed satisfaction with how quickly the GT&T team executed the project, but is even happier with the overwhelmingly positive customer feedback.

“We couldn’t be more thrilled with our customers’ positive reception to our new blazing fast broadband Internet speeds. Coming out of last year, we have adopted an approach to quicken the pace and extent of new and exciting services offerings.  There are so many new and exhilarating developments in mobile communications, broadband, social media, online education, entertainment and other technology-driven applications. We humbly submit that we plan to be the best provider in Guyana for bringing all of these services together for corporate, small business and residential customers, and we plan to fight to earn every customer’s trust and business.

For our Enhanced Broadband project, we wanted to give something back to customers who have been so loyal to us over the years and this was a perfect way to demonstrate our appreciation.  We are thrilled with the response that customers have given us about their upgraded speeds and we hope that new customers will now come and experience Guyana’s fastest and most affordable broadband Internet.”

Customers have been enthusiastically sharing their positive feedback with GT&T.

Georgetown resident and United Nations Development Programme official, Mr. Lelon Saul, has expressed great satisfaction with the enhanced speed that he now experiences.

“Before I received the official letter telling me that my service was upgraded I had already experienced the difference in the speed and told my friends.  My Netflix, browsing, upload and download experience has been nothing short of excellent.  My gratitude to GT&T for taking us to the next level.  I am a committed GT&T customer.”

The new high speed Internet service is now sold in packages of Bronze, Silver and Gold in the range of 1.5 Mbps to 10Mbps and is offered to both residential and small business customers.

University of Guyana student Roger Singh said that he is now enjoying his upgraded 5Mbps speed. He said that he likes the download speed and the fact that he can “stream and use multiple devices without buffering”.

The comments from both Saul and Singh represent what a broad range of customers have been indicating to GT&T regarding the noticeably substantial speed increases.

GT&T will continue to upgrade areas that may have not been eligible for the first phase of this enhanced internet project.   Those customers who did not originally qualify for higher speeds because of the locations of their homes received a substantial benefit of a different form – a price cut that slashed their cost in half for their existing speed.

Customers can check their eligibility for the increased speeds at

Mr. Nedd concluded by saying “This is not the last piece of exciting news that you will hear from GT&T in 2015.   We plan to keep the energy rolling in the coming weeks and months with our new services, great prices and enhanced offers.’

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