Granger-led govt must provide evidence or shut up- PPP

Last Updated on Monday, 27 July 2015, 20:33 by GxMedia

The People’s Progressive Party’s (PPP) headquarters, Freedom House.

by Zena Henry

The People’s Progressive Party (PPP) seems to be getting tired of government’s claims of public office irregularities and reiterated that the administration should either provide evidence and lock up wrongdoers or shut up.

General Secretary Clement Rohee issued another call to the government to reveal the former government’s improprieties, while asking at the government to account for the money they are currently spending.

The GS told media workers that the party was concerned about government’s unauthorized spending and demanded that information be made public immediately. “The PPP calls on the Granger Administration to state how much money is being spent by government without Parliamentary approval and to state the areas in which these monies are being spent.”

He said in this situation of abnormality where only 1/3 of budget relative to each government agency is authorized to be spent, “we have absolutely no idea how much money is being sent (by this government) and on what.”

He said during Parliament’s prorogation last year, the PPP came under constant attack by the then opposition and others claiming that money was being spent illegally, “We are saying now that they’re in the government, let them reveal what are these things that money were spent on unauthorised  and have it published.”

Rohee claimed that the government’s extravagance is seen with the luxurious conditions State Houses are being remodeled into, Granger’s “multi -million dollar” inauguration, the victory parties, the luxury trips and his recent Birthday party.

One PPP minister was accused of attempting to transfer state vehicles to herself and associates, and public servants and alleged PPP political appointees accused of wrongdoings have been called out by this government, but no word of actual arrests and charges have risen.

When asked last week, Minister of State Joseph Harmon said that his government was not “bluffing” in its quest to bring those involved in forms of wrongdoings to justice. With numerous forensic audits, committees and review programs ongoing, he said it would take time to compile the evidence and lay the right claims.

He did assure however, that the government will take the appropriate action when the time is right.