Former President’s son sent on leave to facilitate investigation into E-Governance Project

Last Updated on Friday, 17 July 2015, 15:32 by GxMedia

Alexei Ramotar

Head of the Head E-Governance Project, Alexei Ramotar was Friday July 17 sent on administrative leave to facilitate an investigation into the financial aspects into ailing project.

The announcement was made by the Ministry of State which said that the state agency, “has decided to conduct an investigation into the financial arrangements of the E-Government Project. As a direct result, Minister of State Joseph Harmon has instructed Project Manager Alexei Ramotar to proceed on administrative leave with immediate effect.”

It was explained that Minister Harmon initiated this recent move is to ensure proper facilitation of these investigation. It was explained further that earlier this month Harmon and a team visited the project and had directed Government’s Adviser on E-Governance Floyd Levi, to “work closely” with Ramotar and the E-Government project.

The governance project is still incomplete after missing several deadlines and the main aspect of the project which is to run a fibre optic cable from Brazil to Guyana to facilitate all e-governance activities now seems to be damaged and would cost a hefty sum to get up to standard.

At a press briefing last week Harmon said that Ramotar did mention that damage to the fibre optic cable was too serious and way too costly for the Administration to make amends. It was stated that some 40 percent of the cable had been damaged.

The 2011 launched $7b E-Governance project has seen Guyana accumulating some US$76, 000 in debts annually, despite not having the benefit of the project. The project was meant to give the country connectivity taking the cyber advancement to another level. This would have provided an integral system connecting state agencies, schools, police stations and other entities the former government had stated.

Under the former President Donald Ramotar Administration, the E-Governance took shape with his on Alexi Ramotar heading the project.