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State-owned radio, TV on air again; GWI cautions against polluted ‘pipe water’

Last Updated on Thursday, 16 July 2015, 23:06 by GxMedia

The State-owned radio and television stations, which were initially switched off due to severe flooding caused by heavy rainfall, are back on air.

Chief Executive Officer of the National Communications Network, Molly Hassan said the flagship radio station, Voice of Guyana, resumed transmission.

So, too, were NCN TV and 98.1FM.  The Government Information Agency said NCN TV “will provide regular updates on the flood situation and the public is asked to stay tuned and heed all official advisories and warnings.”

Based on advice by engineers, the stations were turned off because rising flood waters had almost reached electrical panels and points.

Meanwhile, the Guyana Water Incorporated (GWI) urged consumers in flood-affected areas to take extra precautions because the potable water supply system might have been polluted by flood waters.

The potable water supplier “advises customers of the Low Coastal Regions of Guyana to implement the following precautionary measures during the current excessive rainfall and flooding.  

Should your water supply be compromised due to flooding ensure that all tap water intended for food and drink preparation and personal consumption (brushing of teeth, etc.) is boiled for 15 minutes. Ensure that boiled water, whilst cooling before use, is stored in a tightly covered container.

Alternatively, GWI says water can be made safe by using household bleach: add 3 to 4 drops of household bleach to each gallon of water; mix well and allow to stand for 30 minutes before use. Again, ensure that treated water is stored in a tightly covered container. GWI advises customers to practice rainwater harvesting.  To avoid contamination, allow water to runoff from roof for approximately thirty (30) minutes before collection. 

Further, customers are advised to promptly repair all leaking pipelines within their premises.  For further information customers are advised to call GWI’s Customer Services Call Centre on 227-8701, 227-8703 or 227-8704; email [email protected], visit  or via social media at

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