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Gun-toting bandits terrorize, rob several during home invasion

Last Updated on Saturday, 4 July 2015, 18:12 by GxMedia

The recent spike in armed robberies continues unabated; the latest reported incident being a home invasion on the Corentyne Coast where four occupants were terrorized.

A man, who was entering the house as the four perpetrators were leaving, was shot to his face.

Injured is 18-year old Dorwin Lord. He was hit by pellets to his face and has been admitted to a hospital.

Investigators said that about 8:20 PM Friday, July 3, 2015 four men armed with guns entered a house at Bush Lot and held up the occupants- Valerie Williams, Rose Raphael, Bibi December and Shameer December .

They took away a total of GUY$100,000.00 and a quantity of jewellery, police said.

Police added that as the perpetrators were leaving the home they accosted Lord, who was entering the premises, and discharged a cartridge in his direction and escaped.

There has been an increase in the number of armed robberies in recent weeks.


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