PPP list rejected?

Last Updated on Saturday, 27 June 2015, 13:24 by GxMedia

The Peoples Progressive Party Civic (PPPC) Friday, June 26 attempted to submit to the Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM) its list of candidates for Regional Councilors but was unable to do as the body’s employees were away on a fun-day.

The party, however, is claiming that the elections body “rejected”: its list. In a press release the PPPC says “the lists were submitted to the Guyana Elections Commission and was rejected by the authorities there.”

The list was reportedly taken to the GECOM office at 3:00pm.

GECOM officials, however, are saying that the list never made it inside of the building as personnel at the office’s gate informed the PPPC’s courier that there were no employees in the building to accept the list.

When Demerara Waves Online News contacted PPPC General Secretary, Clement Rohee, for further details on the matter he said “the list was delivered to the GECOM office this afternoon and it was presented to the people who were at the gate…they claimed that nobody was there to accept it…we understand that everybody was at a big bash at Splashmins.”

When asked if the party was not misrepresenting what transpired by saying the list was rejected Rohee said “we took the list there on a working day long before the working hours came to a close and it was closed to the party. If they say they are not accepting then what is that?” the General Secretary asked.

GECOM officials, however, say the chief scrutineers of both parties were informed in advance that GECOM’s office would not be open today because of a planned fun-day.

“They knew we were going there…the chief scrutineers of the parties knew because they control the scrutineers working at all our offices and they knew they were not required to work today,” a GECOM source told this news outlet today.

Asked if he was not made aware of the fun-day, Rohee said, “I’m sorry I wasn’t told of that at all. I wasn’t aware of that.”