Govt to build houses, not sell house lots

Last Updated on Friday, 5 June 2015, 16:01 by GxMedia

One of the many housing areas developed under the PPPC administration.

The Ministry of Communities is seeking to house over 16,000 Guyanese over the next five years as it promotes its “Renew the Dream” initiative that could see the construction of some 4000 new homes.

A release from the Ministry of Communities said that Minister within the Communities Ministry with responsibility for housing, Keith Scott, “is working assiduously with his staff to “Renew the Dream” that will enable Guyanese to access improved community life.” It was noted that these homes will be built in “cohesive communities” where residents not only receive homes, but the necessary social amenities to accompany.

“The houses will be built as part of cohesive communities, where there will be an emphasis on the provision of social infrastructure and other amenities, in addition to the regular services such as electricity, roads and water distribution networks.”

The Ministry said the idea of cohesive communities is to ensure that the shelter and other needs of households are met, in an effort to address issues such as availability of daycare facilities, functioning playgrounds, proximity to jobs, schools and other amenities that are consistent with improved quality of life in communities.

The Ministry is however, “in the process of refining the strategy that would see the implementation of a holistic plan to provide for the shelter and social needs of the nation.”

It was stated also that, “In addition to this drive to house families and other eligible persons, house lot distribution will continue for persons who wish to build their own houses.”

The release said that Minister Scott is also making himself available every Wednesday between 09:00hours to 11:00hours to hear the public’s concerns. This will commenced from June 10.

 The Minister told Demerara Waves Friday June 5, that the Ministry will also undergoing a two week training session to restructure its interaction with the public.