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Bad cops will be kicked out- Public Security Minister

Last Updated on Friday, 5 June 2015, 17:45 by GxMedia

by Zena Henry

Public Security Minister Khemraj Ramjattan has sent a stern warning to police officers who would have engaged or are thinking of engaging in scoundrel acts, that there is no space for them in the Guyana Police Force.

He said that rogue police officers will be thrown out of the Force and get a possible criminal charge if their actions warrant such.

Ramjattan was at the time addressing the dismissal on one of the two police officers, who allegedly poured a flammable fluid of a teenage boy’s penis and testicles and set them alight. The Minister said he was very happy that as a matter of public interest Corporal Mohanram Dulai was fired and his co-accused Inspector Narine Lall’s tenure in the force was being revisited by the Police Service Commission (PSC).

The media were told that while the Minister is focusing largely on the police force and their various agencies for a more secure and stable Guyana, he has urged Police Commissioner Seelall Persaud to boot out rogue cops. “I have persuaded the Commissioner of Police that our police force must not have rogue cops…” 

Ramjattan described that teen’s torture as degrading and criminal and stated that in other cmore rule of law oriented countries “those two police men would have been in jail.” With the two police men not facing jail time, Ramjattan said that, “that does not mean they are no rogue cops in my book or in any other citizen’s book. There was a finding by a very senior Judge, Justice (Roxanne) George in the High Court of torture… and in my book that is criminal enough for them not to have been detained in the force much less to have been promoted.”

He said that happened under the previous Administration and while taking note that the former government is already accusing him of wanting to control the Police force he said, “the next step is to write to the Police Service Commission, send them the Judgment of Justice (Roxanne) George and her findings therein and remind them that it is the policy of this Administration to get rid of rogue cops.”  He urged for a re-visitation of the culpable Inspector’s retention as a member of police force and that he be removed by the proper authority.

Pointing to the last Administration’s failure to address the issue of torture, Ramjattan expressed dissatisfaction that it took some seven years for the matter to be resolved.

“The long arm of any proper administration in any policing network would be to catch them (rogue cops) and that long arm is now under the Administration of the APNU+AFC and all rogue cops especially when judicial officers like judges would have pronounced on the wrong doings, will go,” he added.

 He said even those cops, who have been found culpable of serious allegations made against them, by internal investigations would also have to take their leave. “I want the police force out there to know that it will be zero tolerance for any harassment of any sexual type, harassment of people’s rights, to the extent of bullyism and to the very grave one of burning people’s genitalia, they are all going to go and there will be criminal prosecutions,” the Minister warned.

President David Granger a day after his swearing as President reiterated his disapproval of torture being used by members of the police force. He noted that anyone can be apprehended around the world for torture because it is an international crime.