Cable cabinet severely damaged – lower East Coast telephone service disrupted

Last Updated on Monday, 1 June 2015, 19:17 by GxMedia

Approximately eight hundred customers in the lower East Coast Demerara area are currently without telephone service as a result of extensive damage done to GT&T’s cabinet facility at the junction of the University Of Guyana Road and the Railway embankment.

“GT&T has been unable to ascertain the details of the cause of the damage to the cabinet which houses telephone cables but surmises it may have resulted from a ‘hit and run’ accident,” the telecoms provider said in a statement.

The areas and institution affected are Liliendaal, Turkeyen, University Gardens, Sophia and the University of Guyana Campus.

Contrary to a report in a section of the media,GT&T said the site of the damaged facility was inspected on May 31, by Engineers and Security personnel from GT&T. “The damage has been assessed as extensive and will require major civil works. While the company is unable to release a restoration timeframe, the engineering review and design for emergency restoration is in progress,” said GT&T.

The type and extent of damage to the cabinet is the second such within recent times, the other occurring at the junction of Main and Middle Street in March 2015.

The company appealed to the public to report acts of vandalism by calling our confidential hotline number 0908.

A significant reward is offered for information leading to the arrest of persons involved.

GT&T wishes to remind everyone that disruption of communication facilities can have a major adverse effect on the security, economic and social life of all citizens.