President pardons 60 prisoners

Last Updated on Monday, 25 May 2015, 17:29 by GxMedia

President David Granger

by Nazima Raghubir

President David Granger on Monday disclosed that he would be pardoning 60 prisoners between the ages of 18 and 25 years who are serving sentences for petty crimes.

In an interview, the Guyanese leader said he plans to make the presidential pardon an annual feature of his tenure in office

“I have specified that persons who are convicted for crimes of violence would not be eligible for consideration…so there is going to be none of that in my administration” He said

President Granger hoped that those persons would return to society to make meaningful contributions.

“I believe that young people should be in school, not in jail and I have asked that emphasis be placed on young persons and for petty, non- violent offences and sentences of short duration” The President pointed out

Presidents granted amnesty every year in keeping with Independence Observances.

But the President’s action comes fresh on the heels of Former President Donald Ramotar’s granting of pardon to convicted murderer Ravindra Deo.

The President was asked about the possibility of reversing the former President’s decision. “There is nothing in the constitution which prevents him but there should be something in his conscience, which should have told him that this is not the way to go,” said Granger.