Lethem road repairs continue

Last Updated on Friday, 22 May 2015, 22:24 by GxMedia

Repairs to the badly eroded road to Lethem are continuing and already light vehicular traffic is being allowed and by Saturday vehicles five tonnes or less would be allowed, the Ministry of Public Infrastructure said in a statement.

Temporary bypasses are currently under construction in an effort to alleviate the traffic build-up due to the erosion of culverts which caused two sections – Miles 1 and 12 – from Annai heading towards Lethem to collapse. 

The road link is essential for transporting goods and other commodities to and from Lethem.

A team of engineers from the Ministry of Public Infrastructure were immediately dispatched to assess the area and to formulate corrective short and long terms measures to remedy the situation.

According to Naeem Mohamed, the Ministry’s Hinterland Engineer, the eroded area is placed with six 3”x12” planks at Mile 1 which is traversable for light motor vehicles.

In addition, V. Dalip Enterprise will complete a bypass culvert to Mile 12 which also facilitates vehicles carrying loads not greater than five tonnes. The bypass/culvert is scheduled to be completed by Saturday May 23, 2015.

Mr. Mohamed explained that the erosion occurred as a result of the high intensity torrential rainfall experienced over the past few weeks.

It must be noted that this area was experiencing a drought from August 2014-end of April 2015.

Meanwhile, the newly appointed Minister of Public Infrastructure,  David Patterson, has requested his Engineers to carry out a full assessment of the affected areas to determine permanent procedures that would prevent any re-occurrences in the future.