Politically appointed Ambassadors will get the boot-Foreign Affairs Minister

Last Updated on Wednesday, 20 May 2015, 22:50 by GxMedia

Foreign Minister Carl Greenidge

by Zena Henry
The first order of business for newly appointed Foreign Affairs Minister, Carl Greenidge will be to ensure the posting of Ambassadors to the designated countries where Guyana has their Embassies or Consulates. But many of these said Heads of Missions will most likely be heading home as they have been identified as “political appointees.”

Minister Greenidge told Demerera Waves Wednesday May 20 that a significant number of the persons chosen to represent the country outside were handpicked by the previous People’s Progressive Party (PPP) Administration and this must be addressed.

Greenidge explained that, “Quite a number of appointees are not career diplomats,” and also never served in a capacity that would afford them the Foreign Service experience. As such, Greenidge said a great number of these persons “will definitely have to be pulled back.”

President David Granger told the media after swearing in his ministers that Greendige who is usually a finance person and being well rounded in that field, will be bringing his economic expertise to establish greater “economic diplomacy.”

Greenidge said, in this light, he would be seeking to address certain aspects that would allow for economic growth through foreign cohesiveness.

President Granger, who earlier today met with Heads of Departments and Permanent Secretaries, insisted that the type of service in Guyana is in for a major makeover. He stressed that the new public service structure will be based on meritocracy and not privileges, political affiliations or any other.

He charged that public service can no longer dwell on mediocrity and presented ideas to boost the sector.

It has been reported however, that several Ambassadors have returned to the country, with some even resigning. Greenidge said the Ambassadors ought to know that the government has changed and suggested that those not deserving of their post should know themselves.

Like the utterances of President Granger, Greenidge said that political affiliations or connections have no place in selecting those necessary to do the people’s work.

In the meantime, the Minister said that the necessary procedures will go ahead to select those persons who have served and built their careers into the area of Foreign Service.