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Opposition says PPP’s Kwame McCoy was never touched during St. Sidewells disturbance

Last Updated on Tuesday, 12 May 2015, 1:39 by GxMedia

by Zena Henry

The A Partnership for National Unity+ Alliance for Change (APNU+AFC) Coalition has reported that no harm came to People’s Progressive Party (PPP) candidate Kwame McCoy when disapproval of his presence at the St. Sidwells Primary School at Hadfield Street &Vlissengen Road was strongly opposed by voters casting their ballots there.

McCoy who has had past incidents with opposition supporters during election time had to be rescued by APNU+AFC Presidential candidate David Granger who organized for the safe exit of the PPP member. According to reports, voters got word that McCoy was allegedly trying to steal ballot boxes and angry voters blocked the entrance to the school preventing McCoy from leaving the polling station.

However, it was later reported that McCoy had received injury that caused him to seek medical attention. The Coalition has denied this statement claiming that McCoy was escorted from the polling station. Reports are that Granger and party executive member, Joseph Harmon were onboard the police vehicle that escorted McCoy and then exited the vehicle when it was a safe distance from the angry crowd.

Harmon told Demerara Waves that if McCoy was injured it had to be, “self inflicted or with the police.” South Georgetown is predominantly an opposition supported location.

On the other hand, polling stations were closed at 18:00hours. The party, during a press briefing update, said it was satisfied with the voting process that took place. The party had noted that while the polls were closed it was expected that persons were still casting their ballots. “Voting went relatively smooth across the country,” Harmon told media operatives at the Coalition base at Crown Street, Queenstown.

The party presumed that voter turnout was higher than last elections and they are generally pleased with how voting went except for a few glitches.

However, from the general pattern of voting the party said it is comfortable. Harmon urged party supporters to keep calm and await the upcoming results.