Cocaine-in-shrimp bust at Cheddi Jagan Int’l Airport

Last Updated on Monday, 11 May 2015, 0:35 by GxMedia

Anti-Narcotics police Sunday afternoon intercepted more than 20 kilogrammes of cocaine  in frozen seafood shortly before it was about to be loaded on a Caribbean Airlines flight to Trinidad, according to sources.

Four persons, who took the consignment to the airport, have been arrested so far.  Sources said police were still looking for the shipper who is from La Jalousie, West Coast Demerara.

An initial examination revealed that the packets of cocaine were stashed between the frozen shrimp.

Investigators said the cocaine-in-frozen shrimp was found in an area of the Cheddi Jagan International Airport where customs, police and Customs Anti Narcotics Unit agents usually check exports.

The sources noted that while the final destination of the flight BW 527 was Trinidad, it was likely that the shipment of the illicit substance could have been transferred to another flight heading for another country.