Repairs to 118-year old Mahaica bridge completed ; weight restriction implemented

Last Updated on Thursday, 7 May 2015, 18:32 by GxMedia

Completed Old Mahaica Bridge with restriction sign and barriers

Repairs to the Old Mahaica Bridge are completed and is now opened to restricted vehicular traffic as of April 29, 2015, the Public Works Ministry said in a statement.

The restrictions are as follows: maximum height 9 feet (3.7m) and maximum load 4 tonnes per axle. 

The Ministry asked that all vehicles exceeding these limits must use the Bridge along the Mahaica/Rosignolroadway whichis approximately 2,500 feet (800m) from the Mahaica Old Bridge.

Signs have been placed along the roadway approaching the Bridge in both directions to indicate these restrictions. The Ministry of Public Works(MPW) is therefore advising drivers to adhere to the restrictions.

Rehabilitation works included the removal and replacement of damaged steel components, reinforced concrete deck, new revetments on both ends of the 175 feet long structure, new galvanized pipe hand rails, placing of restriction barriers with signs, chip clean and paint of the existing girders.

Pedestrians, vehicles drivers, commuters and residents expressed their gratitude to the Ministry for the project, and promised to report any vehicles trying to violate these restrictions that have been implemented.

The GY$33.9M rehabilitation of the landmarked bridge, which connects Regions Four and Five, started in September 2014 but faced a delay due to unforeseen structural decay. 

Works on the 118 year-old bridge were carried out by KB & B Contractors. KhirajBisesar, a MPW Engineer, monitored the project.