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Bhena’s Footwear employee abducted

Last Updated on Monday, 4 May 2015, 15:29 by GxMedia

by Zena Henry

A 27-year-old Grove man employed at Bhena’s Footwear on Regent Street is believed to have been abducted after three armed men tossed him into a tinted vehicle before speeding away.

The East Bank Demerara resident who is a sales clerk at the popular shoe establishment was standing in front of his work place with another employee when the incident occurred, sometime around 09:00hours.

The female staff, who said she was standing with the abducted man identified only as Zineer, said she was pushed aside when the men threw her colleague into the waiting car. The woman said that staffers were at the time awaiting the store’s opening to commence the day’s operations.

She told media operatives that she and Zineer had just crossed over Regent Street heading to the store when three men came out of a motorcar and approached them. One of the men, she explained, called out “Zineer?” and her friend shook his head in the affirmative.

One of the three men then told him that someone in the car wants to see him. The young lady said that Zineer then bended over and peered into the vehicle and that is when he was pushed into the car.

“…when he (Zineer) bend down, the other guy pushed me and then pushed him inside the car, and the other one went around the and sit next to him, and the driver got into the driver seat and they went away with him.”

The young lady explained further that the men also jumped the stop light as they sped off. She said she then told another staffer what had happened and he raised and alarm. Other persons around also began to raise an alarm.

It is understood that persons did attempt to pursue the car but the men waved a gun and instead persons backed off and went to the Brickdam Police Station to make a report. The young lady explained however that her colleague was taken into gold NZE motorcar license plate number PLL9811.

Staffers say they are unaware as to whether the young man had any problems outside of work. He was described as a quiet and calm person.