Coalition urges calm on final leg to E-Day; plans ‘Day of National Embrace’ if victorious

Last Updated on Sunday, 3 May 2015, 3:39 by GxMedia

A section of the gathering at the APNU+AFC rally in New Amsterdam.

As the general elections campaign winds down to E-Day- May 11- the opposition coalition A Partnership for National Unity+ Alliance For Change (APNU+AFC) Saturday night appealed for calm among its supporters.

Prime Ministerial Candidate, Moses Nagamootoo, in an earnest appeal at a rally held in New Amsterdam, begged supporters to remain calm and respectful in the critical days leading up to the polls, reminding the gathering that the fight is for a peaceful revolution towards achieving unity.

“You are supposed to respect the symbol of other parties as we expect them to respect our symbols. We must respect their flags and posters, we are not going to touch them because they can have more flags than us, more posters than us, but they will not have more votes than us.”

“When they try to provoke you turn away from their provocation  …and tell them this is a Guyana revolution… for national unity and a new Guyana.”

Nagamootoo urged the massive turnout of supporters to vote positively, “like a boss.”

That call for peaceful campaigning came against the background of the People’s Progressive Party Civic (PPPC) accusing the coalition of orchestrating attacks during political meetings. The latest such action was the stoning down and disruption of a PPPC meeting at War Lock (Back Circle) on Wednesday, April 29, 2015.

In a statement earlier this week, the coalition accused the PPPC of paying provocateurs to disrupt their meetings and in turn blame their opponents to score cheap political mileage. In that same statement, the coalition condemned such acts by its supporters. “In one isolated case, APNU+AFC condemns the acts of some supporters who have been over-exuberant in their rejection of the PPP/C during one of their public meetings,” APNU+AFC stated.

Should the coalition win the upcoming polls, an APNU+AFC administration plans to declare a ‘Day of National Embrace’ to reaffirm solidarity amongst the peoples. “We go down these last few days the road of peace and unity and after this election I can promise you that my new president David Granger will gladly agree to name a day, a symbolic day called the ‘Day of National Embrace’ when we can hold the hands of all our brothers and sisters to unite across race and political division,” he said.

Nagamootoo reminded the Region Six inhabitants of the hardship and neglect they faced under the PPP/C government before urging them that it is a time for change.

He said the mission is more than just winning the elections but to unite the country to bring peace and stability.

He promised betterment for the Region 6 locations and highlighted his party’s intention to ensure integrity laws and set up a tribunal to investigate officials of the governing party and the inexplicable wealth that they have attained.