Ministry of Health seizes canter of damaged, expired goods-

Last Updated on Wednesday, 25 February 2015, 3:26 by GxMedia

A portion of the expired and damaged goods on the canter that was seized by the Ministry of Health’s Pharmacy & Poison Board

The Ministry of Health’s Pharmacy & Poison Board on Tuesday seized a canter, filled with damaged and expired food items and goods, as they were being loaded onto the vehicle, to be transported for marketing purposes, the Government Information Agency (GINA) reported.

After receiving a tip-off, Registrar, Pharmacy & Poison Board, Khame Sharma, and Inspector of Pharmacy, Shivanand Geer, along with a Police Officer, proceeded to a bond in West Ruimveldt, where the items were being packed onto the vehicle by labourers. 

Following their timely intervention, a quantity of Carnation Milk, Mak-C drink mix, Dry Pigeon Peas, Delisa Nutrient Boost, Channa, Mixed Vegetables, and Royal Jello, along with Hugs Fruit Berry juice and gloves were seized and taken into the ministry’s bond for further investigation.

 The storage conditions of the goods were also deplorable and unhealthy, as rotting goods, such as potatoes, were seen among them, and the labels were torn and discoloured with mildew.

Speaking to the Government Information Agency (GINA), Mr. Sharma pointed out that the board has been receiving numerous complaints of these products, which are distributed countrywide. He added that there have been many attempts to source them, but they were all futile.

 It is still unknown who is the owner of the goods. However, the canter owner pointed out that he was only required to move the items from the bond to another truck owner, who was supposed to transport them to Essequibo.

The ministry is urging distributors to check their products and verify that they are in line with the specifications of the Guyana Bureau of Standards. Distributors are reminded that the marketing of such products can result in legal consequences.

Consumers are also encouraged to ensure that they receive a bill for all transactions, when purchasing goods. This is to ensure that customers can be compensated, if the need arises.

The marketing of such goods are hazardous to human health, and for this reason the ministry will continue to be on the lookout for them on the local market. Citizens are advised to report any suspicious and similar activities or storage conditions brought to their attention, as they pose a threat to them and their families.