Spring tide causes flooding

Last Updated on Thursday, 19 February 2015, 22:43 by GxMedia

Parika flooded after the Essequibo River overflowed its banks.

Extremely high spring-tide is badly affecting a number of areas across the country in and out of Guyana’s capital city, Georgetown.

Aback the Caribbean’s largest public market, Stabroek Market, was inundated by water from the Demerara River. 

The vendors in other areas of Water Street in the vicinity of Bounty Supermarket, old JP Santos and opposite Republic Bank were not the only ones affected by rivers overflowing their banks.

At Parika, business owners were reeling from the effects of several inches of flood waters that inundated their stalls and other premises. Hand cart owners were said to be doing brisk business by shuttling passengers to and from arriving and departing speedboats.timehri floodfeb15

Usually reliable sources also said that several communities on both banks of the Pomeroon River were being threatened by the rising level of that waterway.

The Public Works Ministry earlier Thursday warned residents of several coastal and riverain communities as well as mariners about extremely high Spring tides on Thursday and Friday. Several communities were affected Wednesday. “Precaution should also be taken by all mariners including those operating fishing vessels and larger vessels.

Use of beaches and foreshore areas for recreational purposes during this period is not advised,” said the ministry.

The ministry said highest tides were expected at 4:36 pm Thursday at a height of 3.36 metres and Friday, February 20 at 5:23pm – a height of 3.34 metres.
The following areas are susceptible to possible flooding as a result of storm surges which may induce overtopping of sea/river defence structures. These are:

i.             Johanna Cecelia, Cullen/Perseverance – Essequibo Coast, along Pomeroon River banks

ii.           Moor Farm, Marionville/Bendorff, Good Success/San Sousi, Melville/Sarah – Wakenaam Island

iii.          Cane Field/ Amsterdam, Blenheim/Endeavour – Leguan Island

iv.          La Retraite – W.B.D,  Rotterdam/Crane, Anna Catherina to Leonora, W.C.D; Parika, Look Out/Grove,
       Salem/Sparta, E.B.E

v.            Kitty, Georgetown to Ogle, E.C.D, Mosquito Hall and along the Mahaica River Banks – E.C.D; businesses
       and vendors along Water Street and Stabroek Market, Georgetown


vi.          Bush Lot/Maida, No. 74 to 76 Villages; Corentyne and along the banks of the Berbice and Canje Rivers
        issued a high tide advisory for residents across the coast and riverain islands as well as mariners.
pomeroon floodfeb15