Brazil had 3,701 gay marriages in 2013, the 1st year such unions were legal

Last Updated on Tuesday, 9 December 2014, 22:21 by GxMedia

Rio de Janeiro, Dec 9 (EFE).- Brazil celebrated 3,701 gay weddings in 2013, the first year a judicial decision authorized same-sex marriage, officials announced Tuesday.

Of all gay marriages last year, 52 percent were between women and 48 percent between men, according to figures of the civil registry published by the Brazilian Geography and Statistics Institute, or IBGE.

Same-sex marriages were pronounced legal in Brazil in a May 2013 decision of the National Judiciary Council (CNJ), though gay activists demand that their rights be confirmed in a law.

Previously, a same-sex couple could only register as a “stable union,” which in terms of its rights were judged equivalent to marriage in a May 2011 decision of the Supreme Court, which acted in lieu of any existing legislation on the matter.

In those two years, up to the granting of the right to gay marriage, 1,277 stable unions of same-sex couples were registered, according to official figures.

The IBGE also said that the total number of same-sex marriages increased by 1.1 percent in the country in 2013 over the previous year to number 1.1 million, while 324,921 divorces were granted, a drop of 4.9 percent