Britain receives 583,000 immigrants in one year

Last Updated on Thursday, 27 November 2014, 21:30 by GxMedia

London, Nov 27 (EFE).- The number of immigrants arriving in United Kingdom increased to 583,000 as of last June, compared to the 502,000 who arrived during the year ending in June 2013 the British Office for National Statistics, O.N.S., said in a report released Thursday.

The figures represent a setback for conservative Prime Minister David Cameron’s immigration policy, as he had set a goal of reducing inward migration, even though it went against the opinion of Liberal Democrat members of the coalition Government.

In the same context, the O.N.S. pointed out in its report issued on Thursday, that this surge in the yearly influx of immigrants is significant from a statistical point of view.

Analysts noted that the number of immigrants stemming from European Union member countries increased by 45,000 individuals, while those from outside the European bloc increased by 30,000 people.

The U.K.’s migratory balance (the difference between total immigration minus total emigration in a given year) increased to 260,000 between June 2013 and the same month in 2014, compared to the balance of 182,000 recorded during the previous year.