Caribbean News Desk radio prog: Obama’s Executive Order not good news for all undocumented immigrants

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U.S President Barack Obama

United States President, Barack Obama’s Executive Order that will benefit almost 5 million illegal migrants is not going down well with many others including Caribbean nationals there.

The order benefits millions of undocumented immigrants who are living in the United States for at least five years and have American-born children.

They are protected from immigration agents and can even get work permits.

However, there are millions more who have migrated to the US on visas that are now expired and they do not have American-born children.

YOU CAN DOWNLOAD OR LISTEN TO THE FRIDAY EDITION OF CARIBBEAN NEWS DESK HERE: {mp3remote}{/mp3remote} One of them is Guyanese, Donna Burnett.  While her Guyana-born offspring are unlikely to be deported because they entered the US as children, Mrs. Burnett hopes that Congress will soon consider how to deal with persons like herself.

Now the holder of Bachelors and Master Degrees in Public Management at much higher tuition fees because of her undocumented status, Mrs Burnett is not too worried about being deported because US authorities will focus first on removing criminals from that country.

By that time, she hopes that US authorities will allow undocumented immigrants who are nt beneficiaries of President Obama’s Executive Order will be given a second chance.

From all accounts, Mrs Burnett is among millions of undocumented immigrants who have improved their education, bought properties and have decided to work hard and settle in their adopted homeland.

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US President Barack Obama’s Executive Immigration not all that good news for undocumented immigrants…

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