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Carib News Desk prog: Falling oil prices unlikely to dent Trinidad and Tobago; Guyana’s Opposition Leader pulls out of Local Govt talks; Dom Rep charges first person for terrorism

Last Updated on Friday, 31 October 2014, 20:42 by GxMedia

The President and Chief Executive Officer of Massy Group, Gervase Warner says falling oil prices will not impact on his company and Trinidad and Tobago; at least, just not yet.

The price of oil has fallen by 25 percent since June to about US$80 dollars per barrel- about the same figure to which Trinidad and Tobago’s budget is pegged.

The Massy boss says companies like his will not be affected by lower oil prices unless it falls to about US$70 dollars per barrel.

Mr. Warner says cheaper oil is good news for non-oil producing countries in the Caribbean. The Trinidad and Tobago government hopes to cushion the revenue loss from oil with earnings from natural gas

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