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CARIBBEAN NEWS DESK RADIO PROG: Jamaica defends denying entry to former Trinidad and Tobago coup leader

Last Updated on Wednesday, 22 October 2014, 20:15 by GxMedia

Abu Bakr (Nation News photo)

Jamaica’s National Security Minister, Peter Bunting, has defended the country’s right to deny entry to Trinidadian Yasin Abu Bakr and  sought to justify the cost of  his deportation.

Nearly 36 thousand US dollars was spent on a hiring a plane.

The Jamaat al Muslimeen leader arrived in the country late last week and claimed to be visiting his daughter who is a student at the Mona Campus of the University of the West Indies.  But immigration officers denied him entry.

Mr. Bunting told the House of  Representatives that Jamaica was within its right under the revised Treaty of  Chaugaramas to deny entry to the Trinidadian Muslimeen leader on the grounds of national security.

 Guyanese Muslim activist, Gerald Perreira was also taken off a Caribbean Airlines flight in Antigua and was told that he would not have been allowed to travel to Jamauca.

 The National Security Minister has faced criticism from some quarters, including the opposition Jamaica Labour Party, about the money spent to hire a private charter.

Abu Bakr was placed on the private charter after he started behaving boisterously after being placed in the economy class of a Caribbean Airlines commercial flight.  Caribbean Airlines officials said it was against regulations to transport a non-compliant passenger in First or Business Class. 

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