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KFC, Pizza Hut no longer in Guyana

Last Updated on Thursday, 16 October 2014, 22:55 by GxMedia

The former KFC outlet at Stabroek.

After almost  20 years, there is no longer a Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) presence in Guyana.

Pizza Hut has also closed its doors locally.

Repeated efforts to contact franchise holder, Deonarine Singh, on his mobile phone were futile.

While the doors where KFC and Pizza Hut were located have now been reopened, the names and symbols of those international chains have been removed. Employees are no longer wearing outfits wit KFC logos. The word “Hut” was removed, only leaving “Pizza” at the Vlissengen Road location.

Receipts for purchases made at former KFC branches now carry the name Chicka D. 

Prior to the recent closure of all KFC outlets,  representatives of the international chain had visited Guyana and inspected the conditions at the branches.

After that visit, the branches were closed and cleaned before they were reopened and subsequently shut.