Triangular love affair: East Canje man shot dead, woman beaten

Last Updated on Monday, 6 October 2014, 21:22 by GxMedia

An East Canje man was shot to his head allegedly by a man with whose wife he had a relationship. The woman was badly beaten.

Investigators and relatives have identified the dead man as  29-year old Ramraj “Wabble” Basdeo of 850 New Area, Canefield Settlement, East Canje. He was killed Sunday morning at Baracara, almost 80 miles up the Canje River.

Relatives  and police said the cane harvester sustained a gunshot wound to his forehead and a huge exit wound at the back.

Two men, who were questioned and released from detention, said they were not with Basdeo at the time of the incident but were a short distance away when they heard a gunshot. They said that moments later they saw his body in a boat.

Source said that a man allegedly beat his wife severely in connection with having a relationship with Basdeo. He then allegedly killed Basdeo.