Authorities flood land claimed by Plaisance-Better Hope residents; installation of new overseer blocked

Last Updated on Wednesday, 1 October 2014, 22:44 by GxMedia

Policemen on the land early Wednesday morning.

Police early Wednesday morning removed markings on land aback Plaisance-Better Hope that residents early Sunday morning began occupying to construct houses.
No one was injured or arrested during the pre-dawn operation. A Partnership for National Unity (APNU) activist, Sean Austin said the Guyana Sugar Corporation (Guysuco) also flooded the large acreage of land.

This is the fifth time that Police and supernumerary constables of the sugar corporation have had to move in to that area and reclaim land from people they deem squatters.
plaisance ndc chain

“Why they have the police treating us like if we are dogs, breaking up the bridges and threatening to harm us if we try to get across to our lands,” said a senior citizen who yearned for a plot of land to build a house and plant vegetables.

About 500 residents had last Sunday moved in on the land, alleging that machinery belonging to well-known private businesses had begun land preparation. They have deemed such an alleged move as intolerable because they were in dire need of house lots.

plaisance ndcAustin had announced on Sunday that residents would have been allocated house lots after the land would have been surveyed.

After that operation ended, about 100 residents of Plaisance blocked the gates to theIndustry-Plaisance Neighbourhood Democratic Council (NDC) on the Plaisance Railway Embankment Road to prevent the Assistant Regional Executive Officer  of Region Four and another man from entering the premises. They alleged that Singh was there to install the man as the new Overseer to replace Debra Mc Dowell who has been acting in that position for the past 15 years

“Not another Sooba,” “Not another Sooba,” the residents chanted in reference to Central Government’s imposed appointment of Carol Ryan Sooba as Town Clerk of the Georgetown Municipality.

Police later arrived and appealed to the residents not to block the gates to the NDC office.

The Region Four official and the unnamed man subsequently left but not before being taunted by the residents.