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Waitress shot dead at restaurant

Last Updated on Saturday, 23 August 2014, 23:48 by GxMedia

The woman’s body on the floor of Delicious Restaurant after she was shot

A waitress was shot dead in a restaurant on D’urban and Haley Streets, Wortmanville, Georgetown early Saturday night, police said.

She has been identified as 48-year old Debra Blackman, a mother of five. She lived at Critchlow Circle, Tucville, Georgetown.

There were no immediate reports of any suspects being arrested in connection with the shooting at Delicious Restaurant. 

Police later said in a statement that at about 7:30 PM two men on a motor cycle drove up to the Restaurant on Durban Street, Georgetown, and the pillion rider entered the restaurant.

He ordered and paid for a meal after which he pulled out a firearm and shot the cashie to her shoulder and neck and escaped on the motor cycle.

Debra Black was pronounced DOA at the GPHC