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Attempted fire-bombing at Town Clerk’s home

Last Updated on Wednesday, 6 August 2014, 14:00 by GxMedia

Town Clerk, Carol Sooba

An attempt was made to fire-bomb the home of Town Clerk, Carol Sooba ear‎ly Wednesday morning, police said.

Police force spokesman, Ivelaw Whittaker said that a Molotov Cocktail was lobbed at Sooba’s premises, Duncan Street, Campbelville about 1:30 AM.‎

Police said the ‎device failed to ignite, but damaged a glass window of the security hut.

Investigations are in progress.

The incident occurred two days after Mayor Hamilton Green instructed the Chief Constable to withdraw security from Sooba’s residence.

The Chief Constable has ref‎used to act on the Mayor’s directive on grounds that Green has no such authority.