Cadet Officer, constable charged in connection with shooting teen in mouth

Last Updated on Monday, 9 June 2014, 19:27 by GxMedia

Cadet Officer Franz Paul

The Cadet Officer, who allegedly shot and injured the 15 year old boy in his mouth, was slapped with four charges and was remanded to prison until month-end because he was refused bail on two of them.

Cadet Officer, Franz Paul and Corporal Bachan Singh were charged jointly with perverting the course of justice and they were each placed on GIUY$150,000 bail.

Paul was granted GUY$75,000 bail for allegedly unlawfully assaulting Alex Griffith on April 30, 2014. He was, however, refused bail on the charge of inflicting grievous bodily harm to Griffith, and with intent to maim, disfigure and disable the lad.

Appearing before City Magistrate, Fabayo Azore,  Cadet Officer Paul and Constable Singh pleaded not guilty to the charge.

Police Prosecutor, Stephen Telforfd told the court that Paul’s sister was robbed. During the investigations, the Cadet Officer and a party of policemen arrested Griffith. Paul allegedly placed a firearm to the boy’s mouth and he sustained a gunshot injury. The prosecutor said Paul too the boyt to the hospital. An investigation was launched and Paul was charged with the offences.

Paul and Singh were also charged with attempting to pervert the course of justice. The court was told that Cadet Officer Paul alllegedly asked Singh to alter an entry in the arms and ammunition recorfd book but Singh refused.