Humble Guyanese village boy gets additional Canadian scholarship

Last Updated on Tuesday, 3 June 2014, 2:35 by GxMedia

Glinton Lexroy Hanover

Former Queen’s College student Glinton Lexroy Hanover, who recently completed a two-year scholarship program in Canada, has been granted an additional four years of free study based on his outstanding performance.

The Ann’s Grove, East Coast Demerara resident was in 2012 granted a scholarship of Cdn$80,000 to study at the Lester B Pearson College in Canada. According to his brother Telston, Hanover, along with 15 other Guyanese students, was interviewed by officials from the college who visited Guyana in search of potential scholars, and he came out the winner of the scholarship. Telston said the requirement for this second scholarship was that Hanover and the others (who were chosen from around the Caribbean) maintain above average (over 90%) grades during the course of the two-year study.

Demwaves understands that the first time around Hanover was chosen based on his outstanding academic performance at the CSEC exams along with his participation as a track runner, his musical skills (as a drum player) and community service. The brother related that when Hanover, who is the sixth of eight children, was first chosen by the officials his family made an appeal to the Government of Guyana for their assistance with airfare (since the scholarship only covered tuition, room and board). Telston said the request was acknowledged by the GOG but never granted. Demwaves was informed that the Church of God of Prophecy, of which his mother is a Pastor, took it upon itself to sponsor the lad.

“It wasn’t easy for him; he didn’t have any money when he went there first, but he bear he chafe (held it up) and he did well,” the brother said.

Hanover spent five years at the St. Stanislaus College, after which he went to Queen’s College to complete his Advanced Level education. He is due to return to Guyana in a few days for holiday, and will return to Canada to begin his studies in Molecular Biology and Biochemistry at Trent University.

The Pearson College UWC is a two-year pre-university school that caters to 200 students from over 100 countries who live, study and grow together at the edge of the western world.