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Probe into gunpoint robbery of Brazilian miners aboard draga

Last Updated on Friday, 30 May 2014, 2:15 by GxMedia

Police in Region Seven were probing a report that a Brazilian gold mining operation on the Mazaruni River was robbed Thursday evening of an undisclosed quantity of raw gold by several gunmen.

Sources said a team of investigators was being assembled to go to the area by boat early Friday morning. The journey could take as much as two hours.

Demerara Waves Online News has learnt that a report has been made at the Bartica Police Station by a number of miners who came out of the area Thursday night.

They told police that several Brazilians working on a draga at Mary, Mazaruni River were robbed by three gun-toting bandits. No one was hurt, but gold was taken before the men made good their escape.

There are other “dragas’ owned  by Guyanese and  Brazilians that are working in the area.

Details of the incident are said to be sketchy.