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Guyanese injured in serious accident in Suriname

Last Updated on Monday, 26 May 2014, 22:28 by GxMedia

The vehicle that was involved in the accident near the airport in Wageningen (Starnieuws photo)

A Guyanese man is among five persons seriously injured in an accident in neighbouring Suriname, the Surinamese online newspaper,Starnieuws, reported.

The names of the injured were not immediately known but the other occupants were four women. The three seriously injured women were taken to the Lachmipersad Mungra Regional Hospital in Nickerie.

Police said the accident happened a short distance from the Wageningen Airport.

Neither the licence number of the vehicle nor the names of the injured were immediately available. The vehicle was described as a black Toyota Landcruiser.

Investigators believed that the steering malfunctioned and the vehicle toppled.

Fire fighters freed the injured from the badly mangled vehicle. Two ambulances-one from Coronie the other from Wageningen-were deployed to the scene.

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