Businessman convicted for assaulting, threatening Colwyn Harding

Last Updated on Saturday, 26 December 2015, 20:59 by GxMedia

Sylvanus Jasper

A businessman was Wednesday fined convicted and fined GUY$20,000 for abusing and threatening Colwyn Harding.

Harding, who has accused police of sexually assaulting him with a baton last November, was not in court when the case was called.

City Magistrate, Geeta Chandan-Edmond fined Sylvanus Jasper of 70 Adelaide  Street, Charlestown adfter he was found guilty of both charges.

Police said Jasper committed the offences on February 26 at Princess and Adelaide Streets, Charlestown. He was fined GUY$10,000 for each offence.

Police Prosecutor, Colin Primus said that about 5:20 AM Jasper confronted Harding and accused him of committing a robbery at his home. Jasper pulled a firearm and threatened Harding.

Defence Lawyer, Mortimer Coddette said Jasper is an expediter at his family business and he usually purchases items and sends them to Matthews Ridge, North West District thrice weekly. He said that Jasper’s home was broken into and several items were stolen, resulting in him being irritated.
Coddette believed that the rights organisation- Red Thread- played a role in his client being charged and arrested. That organisation has been playing a lead role in advocating for justice in Harding’s case against the police.

The lawyer asked the court to give his client some time to pay the fine.