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7th edition of Guyana Where and What launched- now in Portuguese as well

Last Updated on Saturday, 26 December 2015, 20:59 by GxMedia

Minister of Tourism (ag) Irfaan Ali, publisher and editor of the ‘Guyana where and what’, Gem Madhoo-Nascimento and her husband Kit Nascimento browsing through the book

The Ministry of Tourism on Thursday launched the seventh edition of Guyana Where and What, a pocket book/ guide that was published and edited by Gem Madhoo-Nascimento, and which contains detailed information about local businesses, tourist attractions, and some bit of the country’s history.

This edition is printed in English and translated into Portuguese, contains photographs showcasing various activities in Guyana. This is to allow the book to serve as a tour guide not only for English speaking tourists, but also Portuguese and to complement the growing number of tourists and immigrants from Brazil.

Mrs. Nascimento highlighted that she is considering the publication of the next edition in a variety of languages including Spanish to aid in bridging the language gap.

The 140- page book is being widely circulated both locally and internationally, and is also available on the internet. It can be accessed at

Minister of Tourism (ag) Irfaan Ali, said he was pleased with undertaking by Mrs. Nascimento over the past seven years, and that she has helped to boost the tourism industry through the promotion of what the country has to offer via the book.

The Minister added that the idea of publishing the book in various languages is a good one, since the Ministry has been working towards attracting tourists from different countries, and also on bridging the language barrier.

The Tourism Minister also noted that the Ministry is currently working on a ‘Dining Guide’, a similar book that will portray various cuisines and restaurants in Guyana.

The book is available for free distribution at hotels, airline airports, restaurants, resorts and other entertainment locations.